Universal and Social Distancing Protocols

Walking through City Walk and seeing the Universal ball and archways lining the entry of Universal Studios I start to feel like a kid again! One of my favorite things is walking through the Jurassic Park gates and hearing the classic Jurassic theme music, taking my back to my childhood when I first fell in love with the movie. There are so many sounds, smells, and moments as we return to the parks every year to create amazing memories with our family and friends.

This year our trip to Universal has provided so much more than that. Visiting Universal in 2020, gave us something to look forward to, a place to get away and a sense of normalcy-or I should say our new normal, outfitted with coordinating face masks, extra hand sanitizer, and our usual character shirts, it has been a time to enjoy each other, appreciate what we have and truly soak in all of the details of the park.

2020 has been so difficult for so many people, and Universal has stepped up their game with extra safety precautions and procedures. They continue to provide a space to get away from the mental load weighing so many down, especially this year.

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